About Newwin Lottery !

New Win Lotto created in 1997 to provide safe gaming that allows Asian people to play and win while contributing money back to Asian communities. Thanks to lotto players, every year over 3,000 organizations and projects receive essential funding to help make good things happen in our communities.Through the New Win Lotto Grants Boards, lottery funding is used to support Asian, Creative Asian and the Asian Film Commission as well as thousands of community projects every year.

The gold and black logos represent a positive and dynamic sign of the company: gold represents passionate energy and strength, black symbolizes fairness. The two colors complement each other, highlighting the harmonious balance between the two characteristics. We will be committed to the concept of social responsibility and undertake as a caring and responsible corporate company.


Why New Win Lottery?

Lottery serves as a form of entertainment for the players. Legal or authorized lottery generates profits for the government and creates jobs for the Cambodian citizens.

Legal lottery business combats crimes caused by illegal lottery businesses. Legal lottery business provide a safe gaming atmosphere and encourage responsible gaming behavior among the citizens.

Sharing & Giving Friendship Kindness Care Hope Inspire

What We Offer?

We ensure our customers the fairest and safest legal lottery platform.

We provide our agents and distributors with competitive incentive packages, benefits and protection.


Guarantee Full Payout

Exemption for tax, service charge or any hidden charges.


Social responsibility

Undertake as a caring and responsible corporate company


Casino Licensed

Our lottery is legal and partnership with casino.

How New Win Lottery?

We start at 7 pm every day. Each draw of lottery opening by Miss New Win. All 23 winning numbers are drawn using a motorized transparent roller. The drums are all electronically controlled and operated by an electric motor without human hands.

  1. 1
  2. First, Miss New Win will show in front of the camera that all drawing tools are fair and equitable.

  3. 2
  4. Miss New Win will press the button on the front of the transparent roller.

  5. 3
  6. After activating the roller, a number will roll out in the four transparent rollers, become one of the winning numbers.

  7. 4
  8. The whole process of the lottery, the entire process can be view in the New Win official website/ facebook live.

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